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The Champagne of Agave Spirits - Raicilla

Updated: Mar 2

Mexico is a fascinating country with many contrasting characteristics. It is home to some 123m inhabitants with a young, urban population with 78% of people living in cities. With a diverse selection of alcoholic beverages, including conventional tequila and mezcal, as well as non-alcoholic beverages such as tejuino and tascalate, as well as others derived from maguey distillation, such as Raicilla.

The lechuguilla agave and the raicillero agave of the inaequidens and maximiliana species unique to the state are used to make the raicilla, which is a Mexican alcoholic beverage manufactured in Jalisco.

Choosing ripe pińas, jimar, cleaning, and roasting are all steps in the raicilla producing process. It's baked in sealed ovens at 130 degrees, then cooled, cleaned, and ground. The resulting liquid is fermented for up to eight days, then poured into stills to cook, and ultimately distilled. The alcohol content of raicilla varies between 36 and 45 percent.

The raicilla is known for being a strong drink, containing between 35 and 45 percent alcohol. It can be aged, and the color will change depending on how it was manufactured: colorless if made of glass, yellowish if made of wood. It is a Denomination of Origin product (DO).

In other locations, it's commonly infused with guava, coffee, or other ingredients. Many people, however, recommend drinking it straight to fully appreciate its characteristics. It is also considered to have medicinal or aphrodisiac effects.

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