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The Pain & Gain - Alcohol Beverage Trade Industry & Our Solution!

What is the biggest problem for any brand entering new markets?

The most important tool to growing your business in a new market is to explore multiple channels into the market. New regions often look scary, and even with a distribution agreement, you might find the end sales taking a hit. Complications to break the sales tier and reaching the right consumer can be a challenging task for you. That is one of the biggest pains you can face while entering new regions.

What is the solution?

The pains and gains - Alcohol beverage trade industry and Tipping Glass' solutions

Tipping Glass. Our representatives on the ground will do all the work that needs to be done, in order to make the world take a sip of your product and fall in love with your story. From importation to presentation to distributors, to boosting end consumer sales of your products, and way much more than you can expect from any individual broker/agent.

Collaborating with us, would not just facilitate growth, but also reduce the expenses involved in growing your brand. We believe in building a relationship and work closely with you, representing and

working for your brand with as much the same passion as you would.

So, why Tipping Glass?

Big Savings

The annual industry average of having an expert broker/sales agent to push your brands through the beverage trade market will cost you a basic average of US $100,000. Talk about the salaries, intangibles, benefits, and a lot more. And, on top of that, you have to be aware of investing in marketing, and other expenses which just add to your expenses. Which brand would not want to save that much money and still have impactful growth?

Associating with Tipping Glass would not just only save more than 80% of that cost, but also provide you with a well-established distribution network, and simultaneously build relationships with key accounts. Imagine the investment you can make on boosting your brand through marketing with all that savings and the ROI you would get to see.

Expertise on Lease

You have to constantly make calls, have meetings just to understand the requirements of each account you are introducing your products to. Some say yes. Some say so. And some, just keep you hanging.

Do not be discouraged. Our team of experts has already done that job for you. Over the decades of experience of our team, we have understood which key account holder is interested in which product category. This means we know where to land your products to get maximum visibility and acceptance. In return, it results in a smoother entrance to the market, while connecting with the most suitable consumer section for your brand.

Pssst….we never take no for an answer from our distributors.

Steady Reminder

Have you ever had to face the compliance issues of the registration of your brand? Or come face to face with brands that spend big money in the market? Or unable to connect with the distributors/retailers on a personal level to tell them the story of your brand? If yes, you know what that trouble is. If no, well, we are here to protect you.

Which brand does not want to go big overnight? But few know about the fall that comes afterward. We grow organically, making your brand sustain over time. We are here to not just guide your brand, but even you, from jumping too big and too fast in the industry. We guide you to build a plan that would not only make sense to you but also be fruitful over time.

For a young brand entering a new market, it is a tough battle to reach the top of your international accounts. The constant knocking at the doors of the retailers and distributors, just to remind them about the importance of your products in their portfolio can be exhausting. When we collaborate with you, we take it as our responsibility to ensure that the buyers are constantly reminded about the value of your product. Placing your product at places where everyone in the room would have their eyes fixed on your bottle.