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A Private Trade Tasting


We asked, and you answered. Now we are here with the most unique blend of events that all beverage brands look for. Tipping Glass welcomes you, to our first-ever, Beverage Trade Awards 2022.

What is different about this event? This is going to be a 3-in-1 event.

1. A private tasting for buyers from New York, Illinois, Florida, San Francisco, Texas, 

2. An exclusive event for the consumers.

3. A spirits and wine rating and award event.

Why the blend of such events?

Over the years, visiting multiple trade shows we noticed that most of the brands which participate in these events majorly receive a minor disappointment, or lose hope with trade shows after the first or second participation in the events as they miss on connecting with the right target. There are two questions that need to be answered:

a. Why was there a disappointment? and, 

b. What can be done differently?

Here are some facts that we think breaks the trust of brand owners over trade shows.


  • The Long days on the trade centre floors. Most of the trade shows are conducted over 2-3 days of time. Let's be honest, by day last hours of the last day you might start wondering why are you even there?

  • Uncontrolled visitors. Most of these events are open and admit anyone and everyone, but that does not mean that the right crowd for your brand is going to be there. You end up spending more units of products and gain too little from it.

  • Sample unit counts. A brand entering an 8hour/day trade show for a minimum of 2 days, on average serves a minimum of 30ml of their product each time, with over 1000 uncontrolled attendees, we will let you do the calculation on that.

  • The Pricing. Many brands, young and old, with the fear of the uncertain outcomes and the cost to be at these trade shows, simply back out. Probably missing out on an opportunity with a promising distributor/retailer.

  • It is just a trade show. A lot can be done for a brand entering an event. Not just provide a spot to display and promote their own brands to people walking in to taste other 99 brands in the same venue, at the same time. 

  • The uncertainty of connecting with the correct target segment.


We love trade shows, no offence. But, these are some of the things about a trade show that can be different. And we have done that. We are organizing a private event on June 03, 2023, in New York, NY.


What have we done that would be so different from any other trade show? It is not just a Trade Show. It is a revelation for brands that want to reach the right buyer segment.

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